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The Next Generation of Supply Chain, Trade Finance & Credit Utilization

The Next Generation of Supply Chain, Trade Finance and Credit Utilisation fintech platform that provides visibility across the entire supply chain from ordering to invoice payment, it aims to spur collaboration and enhance trust among all stakeholders to boost business credibility.

Who is Crediti?

What is MoniMove?

MoniMove Services

Crediti is offering the MoniMove platform in the UAE to add value to all trade network stakeholders including, banks, buyers, suppliers, governments, SMEs and society.

MoniMove is optimizing the trade finance and supply chain operations by digitizing the whole process, mitigating credit and operational risks and enhancing transparency and governance throughout the trade cycle.

MoniMove uses the latest technologies to help smooth the rough edges of trade relationships and ease major pain points, it’s a platform that does not only streamline and automate the process but also supports all stakeholders and empowers SMEs, one of the main objectives of UAE’s vision.

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